Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boost Your Immune System to Fight the Flu!

Vitamin CIt is a known fact that eating living, uncooked foods strengthens the immune system. It is also well-known that sugar suppresses the immune system. Following are some examples of immune-building foods that will help us remain healthy during the cold and flu season.
Vitamin C will help protect against germs and viral infections and by consuming these natural sources in their living state the body's immune system will be strengthened.

LemonOrangeKiwi Fruit
MangoesPeppersSpring Greens
Brussels SproutsBroccoliCurly Kale
Green CabbagePotatoes 

As we age, our immune system's fighter response weakens, mostly due to poor diet and lifestyle choices. Vitamin E can be considered your offense against germs and viruses and consuming more of the following foods will produce more of the killer cells our immune system needs to fight off invaders.

Sunflower SeedsAlmondsOlives
SpinachPapayaSwiss Chard
Mustard GreensTurnips GreensCollard Greens
Beta CarotenoidThe Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle promotes a large consumption of carrot juice which is high in Beta Carotenoid which works behind the scenes to produce T-cells, a type of white blood cell known to guard the body against infection. They work to identify, directly attack and destroy infectious agents. The following foods will also provide high doses of Beta Carotenoid.

CranberriesSweet PotatoPumpkin
Summer SquashAcorn SquashPeaches

You cannot act like an ostrich and hide your head in the sand, just hoping that you will remain healthy. You must do your part by consuming nutrients that build the body. Another powerful nutrient that will protect against environmental pollutants is bioflavonoids. Be sure to get plenty of these by consuming the following foods.

Blackberries CherriesRed Grapes
ApricotsBlack BeansKidney Beans
Fava BeansPinto BeansWalnuts
Snap PeasOkraBroccoli
Omega 3In Genesis 1:29, God mentions the foods that we should consume to keep our bodies healthy. The following category of Omega 3 foods are our friendly fats which boost the activity of our white blood cells (killer cells). These healthy fats make our foods taste better and give our brain the omegas to function properly.

WalnutsFlaxseedsFlax Oil
Fish Oil (Pharmaceutical Grade)
The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle promotes the consumption of a wide variety of the above-mentioned foods with the defined purpose of rebuilding and strengthening the immune system. Our website contains many recipes that include these nutritious ingredients. By adding more salads, green smoothies, fresh vegetable juices, fruit smoothies and other creative raw foods to your diet, you too will reap the benefits!

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